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2020 Spring Season

11 Aside Fall Season 2020

  • Games start September 13th,  2020.
  • Games are on Sunday mornings, 9:00 am, 11:00 am.  Most men's games are at Lost Creek Park, with night games at Community Soccer park in Missouri City.  
  • Teams have to have 18 players on the roster in order to reserve a spot in the league. 
  • We will try to have an end of season tournament if time permits.
  • Registration opens on mid-August.
  • The cost is $155 per player.  It includes ref fees.

Yellow and Red Card Penalties for Players

  • All game outcomes, including cards issued, are based strictly on the referee's final report.
  • FBASA will assess penalties (in the form of fines and/or suspensions) on players receiving red cards, based on the referee's game report.
  • A player receiving a yellow card must exit the field of play for a 5 minute “cool off” period.
  • A player receiving two yellow, non-violent cards will result in the player being assessed the club's set fine fee.  A non-violent red card does not result in a suspension from future games but does result in a fine to be paid before the next game.
  • A player receiving a red card for violent behavior (ref’s discretion) will result in the player being assessed the club’s set fine and sanctions. A single or multi-game suspension will also apply; the length of the suspension is determined based on the severity of the infraction. 
  • Players showing physical aggression towards the official could face being banned for a year from FBASA and all local soccer clubs.
  • In the event that a team has less than 11 players available for a game, teams can use guest players, given that the guest is a) a current FBASA registered player, and b)have gotten approval from the opponent team.


Sugar Land Gators in action!